COVId-19 Update

Returning In-person

HighPoint Church is returning to in-person worship experiences on July 12th! This is exciting and we are looking forward to seeing our church family, but we know things can’t just go back to the way they were. While many people will choose to return to church immediately, some won’t be able to join us for a while, and that's ok. We want you to know that in this new reality, we are still dedicated to bringing the goodness of Jesus to you and your family, whether that’s in a physical service or an online experience.

As we have consulted with medical professionals and government officials, we have worked diligently to create a plan that we feel is safe, balanced, and wise. This page is designed to give you clear information about what we are doing to help protect against the spread of COVID-19, and when the right time will be for you to reengage physically at HighPoint.

Symptom Signs

We will have signs placed outside the building with COVID-19 symptoms listed, and we ask that anyone who has shown any of these symptoms in the last two weeks, would worship with us from home in our online experience. By entering the building, each individual is confirming, to the best of their knowledge, that they are symptom-free and assuming the risks associated with a public gathering.


We will be providing increased cleaning, both before and after each service, throughout our entire building in order to offer a higher level of sanitization.


Although not mandatory, we are encouraging people to wear masks while in the building. We will provide masks to those that wish to wear one.

Internal Traffic Flow

At the entrance of the building and auditorium, we will have volunteers opening doors and touching handles to minimize contact with surfaces. Our Ushers will guide people to specific seats so we can control the capacity of our room, in addition, every other row will be closed.


We will be limiting our touch interactions by offering a giving receptacle in the lobby and/or online giving.  In addition, Worship Guides and Sermon Notes will be available online via a scannable QR code.


We will be offering our full KidsPoint program when we reopen. Each room has been deep cleaned and sanitized and ready to receive your kids!  Our KidsPoint volunteers will all be wearing masks and will be checking in every child to avoid multiple people touching the check-in computers.  In addition, for every child’s safety, at KidsPoint Check-in, we will be checking the temperatures of every child and parent who is checking in a child with a touch-free thermometer.  We are asking those with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, to attend our church online worship experiences. If you are not comfortable sending your kids to KidsPoint, you are welcome to bring them into the main auditorium to worship with us!  We encourage you to bring tablets and/or smartphones along with headphones where they can watch our online KidsPoint worship experience during the service. They are sure to enjoy it!
We want everyone that decides to attend a physical service to feel safe and able to worship freely. If you have concerns about contracting COVID-19 or you are in an “at-risk” demographic, we would strongly encourage you to continue to participate in church online. If you have had any of the COVID-19 symptoms (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, muscle pains, loss of taste or smell) or have been in contact with anyone exhibiting these symptoms in the 14 days prior to attending service - we would strongly encourage you to continue to participate in church online.

We are so glad that the Church is not a building; it is made up of a body of people, and whether we are together in person or online, God can and will continue to work in our lives.